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Rebuild the local Republican base in New Trier Township

Until 35 years ago, Illinois was a red state. So how did Democrats take over every level of government in many parts of Illinois? It was not done overnight. They started building local bases in townships throughout the state. One by one, as the townships fell under control of the Democrats, eventually the state has become a blue state for most statewide and national elections.


Taking back the state begins with building our base in local townships. Building a base is not easy. It is not something that can be done without a great amount of hard work.  It requires strategy, building real relationships, and a sense of camaraderie. It requires dedication. And, most of all, it requires action.


It is time we start rebuilding our party in New Trier.

First, we must communicate what the Republican Party stands for. Republicans believe in protecting the enduring freedom and safety of the American people. The best foundation for freedom and safety is a strong economy.  Policies that promote economic growth, stability, and opportunity improve the lives of all Americans.  When hard work is rewarded and families have more financial resources, families are stronger, communities are safer, and individuals experience more freedom, more resilience, and better health. Furthermore, Republicans believe in creating responsible, accountable, sustainable, and fair government policies. Our communities must be safe and governed by the rule of law.  This is why the Republican Party is frequently focused on protecting and promoting freedom, limited government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, accountability, voting accessibility and integrity, citizenship, and strong institutions.

The New Trier Republican Organization works with precinct captains in every precinct, recruits candidates for every seat in every election cycle, runs fair and honest endorsement sessions, and advocates for our shared values.

You can make a difference.

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