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Welcome. The New Trier Republican Organization is a grassroots, volunteer organization dedicated to creating connections across our community and supporting the Republican Party in New Trier Township.


What unites Republicans of all types is a focus on protecting the freedom, safety, and prosperity of the American people and ensuring that legacy for our children.  When it comes to defending our Constitutional rights of liberty, equality, and justice for all; protecting our children; fairness; creating safe communities in which to live; and promoting economic opportunity, stability, and growth for all; the Republican Party continues to have the strongest record, by far.  These are the principles which guide us and what differentiates us from other political parties.

NTRO makes information more easily available, sponsors qualified candidates for office, and works to impact election outcomes. By working together, we can bring good governance to our local community, and affect positive societal change in our community, our state, & our nation, from the bottom up. Furthermore, NTRO facilitates engagement in policy discourse and supports voters' agency in striving for political reform. Come make your voice heard and get involved in our dynamic organization.


We welcome everyone, including our neighbors in other townships, to join in common cause. We are privileged to work with you.

- Julie Cho, Republican Committeeman, New Trier Township



A township is a unit of local government, subordinate to a county. The primary purpose of a township is to identify and address the needs of a local community area. Major political parties elect an individual to lead party organizational efforts in each township.


Elected roles within local government can have profound direct and indirect impacts on daily quality of life, the education of our children, effective use of tax dollars, and safety in our community. This is why it is critical for the Republican Party to sponsor qualified candidates for elected office.


We are one of 29 suburban townships in Cook CountyNew Trier Township is comprised of Glencoe, an eastern portion of Glenview, Kenilworth, an eastern portion of Northfield, Wilmette, and Winnetka. As of the 2020 census, the township population was 55,896. The township contains New Trier High School, though the borders of the school district are not exactly the same as the borders of the township.



The Republican Party welcomes everyone who is pro-America and supports individual liberty, personal freedom, and religious rights. In the Republican Party in Illinois today, and particularly on the North Shore, there are sometimes differences of opinion on economic, social, or foreign policy issues that may vary widely across the political spectrum.  However, what unites all Republicans is a unity of purpose in protecting the enduring freedom, safety, and prosperity of the American people.


Freedom and the rule of law must be rigorously defended in every generation, or it is lost; lost to those with ill-intentions, lost to neglect, or perhaps the greatest threat of all in today's world, lost to those who are very well-intentioned, but who are deeply ignorant and naive.  Many core values of the Republican Party, such as freedom, limited government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, voting accessibility and integrity, citizenship, and strong institutions, can sometimes feel very abstract or far removed from our daily lives. However, a society where these are weakened is a society that is less safe, less stable, and less prosperous.


Political parties must do more than identify economic and social problems in our society, but must provide sustainable solutions.  Republicans believe in finding these sustainable solutions, and never solving a problem by creating a new one.


In this spirit, we are continuing to work to safeguard our rights, our freedom, our safety, and our institutions, for both our generation and the next.


Following the June 2022 election, NTRO has developed this new website. This site is dedicated to Tolbert Chisum, NTRO Committeeman from 2000-2011, who worked tirelessly to improve our community and nation. 

Want to learn how you can make a difference?

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